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Ransom Press Books
Books by Chad & Pat Stendal
These are all the books that Chad & Pat have written. 

The Guerrillas Have Taken Our Son
Russell's Kidnapping,
from the family's perspective.



This is the true story of how Chad and Pat dealt with having their oldest son (Russell) kidnapped by the Marxist guerrillas of Colombia, South America.  Also how Russell's wife and the rest of the family held up during this horrible ordeal.
Suggested Price $10


High Adventure in Colombia
Chad's autobiography



Chad's autobiography of growing up in a nonChristian home, his conversion at 18, immediately drafted into WWII, and then his search for more of Christ.  Until at age 34, God finally called him to be a missionary, and to go to Colombia, South America. 
Covers the years 1927-1968.
Suggested Price $10

Walking In The Spirit
In Colombia
A matter of life or death.



True stories of how walking in the Spirit, provided the necesary guidance to come through some difficult situations in Colombia.
Suggested Price $10



Chad's Small Booklets:
Suggested price $2 each

Chad's small booklets
suggested price $2 each

This Gospel of the Kingdom

The Problem that Christ Came to Solve


Are Millions of Christians Really Safe

back cover

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