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Tapes - CD's

We can now offer a few preaching and music tapes and cd's.

Many other Tapes and  CD’s available with messages in Spanish.

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Wilderness Camp Messages
by Russell Stendal 2003



(Suggested offering of $5.00 each or $50.00 for the whole set)


1.        The Dove Does Not Rest on Muddy Ground

2.        The Founding of the Radio Stations

3.        Fascinating Translation Facts

4.        A People Ready in the Day of His Power

5.       Times & Seasons – Part I

6.        Times & Seasons – Part II

7.        The Sacrifice System – Part I

8.        The Sacrifice System – Part II

9.        A Message for Spirit-Filled People – Part I

10.   A Message for Spirit-Filled People – Part II

11.   What God Is Doing in Eastern Colombia Today



40th Anniversary (1964-2004)
Convention Messages

Book also available


(Bilingual from various speakers) 

(Suggested offering of $5.00 each or $85.00 for the whole set.


1.        Forty Years in ColombiaChad Stendal

2.        The Last Call of God – John Clarke

3.        A Clear and Simple Message – Bob Andrews

       & Colombian Llanera Music -- David Parrales

4.        The Mystery of Iniquity – Oscar Tamayo

5.        A Cry for Colombia – Celso Macias

6.        The Third Day of the Lord – Russell Stendal

7.        The Ways of God – Fernando Arcos

8.        The Obedience of God – Jean Bergeron & Dolph Hoffman

9.        Waters to Swim In, Part I – John Clarke

10.   Waters to Swim In, Part II – John Clarke

11.   Waking Up Our Conscience Part I – Enrique Savedra

12.   Waking Up Our Conscience Part II – Gladys Savedra

13.   Today Is the Day – Javier Vargas

14.   The Paradigms of God – Nelson Castro

15.   The Voice of the True Shepherd – Humberto Medina

16.   The Inherited Blessing – Jim Thiele

17.   Colombia in Prophecy – Clayt Sonmore

18.   From Tribulation Unto Hope – Hamilton Castro

19.   The Eternal Weight of Glory – John Clarke


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