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Ransom Press Books
Books by Russell Martin Stendal
These are all the books that Russell has written.  

Rescue the Captors
Russell's kidnapping



This is the true story of how Russell was kidnapped by the Marxist guerrillas of Colombia, South America, and held for 121 days.  Written by Russell himself during his capture.  While he was there, he found that some of the guerrillas were even more captured than he was.  For him there was a hope of release, there was no one to rescue them.  And some of them were there against their will.
Suggested Price $10


The Beatitudes: 
God's Plan For Battle 



Some very basic truths that the Lord revealed to Russell, prior to his kidnapping, and then brought home to him, during his experience.
Suggested Price $10


Russell's Small Booklets:

Russell's small booklets
suggested price $2 each

The Tabernacle of David

And the Earth Shall Respond to the Wheat


The Elijah who is to Come

Firstfruits Unto God

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