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Colombia Para Cristo

This website is free of charge (hence the offending publicity at the top).  We are thinking of buying hosting for this site, which would cost us 8.95 per month.  If anyone would like to donate said amount directly to Gloria to remove the offending publicity.  Please send to my paypal account (gstendal@softhome.net) and send me an email to that effect.  In the meantime, please do NOT click on the above links or do so at your own risk.

Colombia Para Cristo is a mission dedicated to bringing peace to Colombia through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This website will give information about our mission, dividing it into five primary sections:

1. Our areas of Ministry

2. Ransom Press International (you may order books)

3. Meet the Stendals

4. About the Kogi Indians

5. Newsletters

Click on one of the tabs at the top of the page to go to any of these pages.

Map of Colombia; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Map of Colombia, the Sierra Nevada mountains of Santa Marta are just south of the city of Santa Marta, where the Kogis live.

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