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Colombia Para Cristo
Colombian News

News about the country of Colombia.


Current News

As the news changes so quickly in Colombia, I have decided not to try and keep this page current. Rather I refer you to the links on the right, where you will find more than enough info about Colombia, including the most recent news. The tourism page, not only gives you fun facts, but also gives links to a huge variety of websites having news and radio, also a link to a page about the Llanos (where we live) they even have some Llanera music you can listen to.

Colombia has won its first Copa America.
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They say "Peace, Peace", when there is no peace. Jeremiah 8:11

It seems that the Colombian government has little hope left of arriving at any kind of a peace agreement with the guerrillas. Please pray now as you have never prayed before for Colombia. The next few days are critical.

The only help for Colombia is a change of heart. The guerrillas need a change of heart, so does the military, the police and the paramilitary as well as the general populace. They need hope, so they can stop surrendering their country into Marxists hands, by fleeing their country. Most of the same people who might actually have a chance to make a difference in the mindset of Colombia, are leaving or have left. Some have come to the US or Spain, or some other latin country. Someone had the idea that if the US issued an order that all Colombian men now in the US should have to go back and fight for their country, that it might have a chance then. Personally, I know that only God can do it. My son wants to go back to Colombia (he was born there, as was I) and fight for it, but he is only 8 years old. Besides, he may be the only one who cares enough to actually fight for it. By fight, I don't mean kill fellow Colombians, I mean fight the mindset, the false propoganda, the media, expose the lies, etc. What happened to everyone who loves Colombia, the old Colombia of the 1960's and 1970's? Can you even remember what it was like? Please pray that God will have the victory in Colombia and not the enemy.

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Colombian Sports News:

Colombia is host to the Copa America this year. Games begin in July. Colombians everywhere are hoping and praying for the Seleccion Colombia. That the home court will give them the advantage they must have in order to go to Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup.

July 29, 2001

Colombia won the Copa America. Hurray!!!!! Good for them, even the Mexican announcer said that Colombia deserved to win. Colombia defeated Mexico (1-0) in the final game of the Copa America.
In the game against Chile, when Colombian player, Arriaga, got a goal (in the last minute of overtime, to make the score 2-0) he pulled up his team shirt to reveal a white t-shirt which had written on it "todo lo puedo en Cristo" which means "I can do all things through Christ". Another Colombian player pulled up his team shirt to reveal a white t-shirt that said "Oremos por Colombia" meaning "lets pray for Colombia". He is right, Colombia needs all the prayer it can get.

All of Colombia celebrated all night, From the northernmost part to the southernmost tip of Colombia. They formed caravans, blasted horns, threw flour and confetti all over each other. They lit fireworks and generally just partied all night. In every city and town, Colombians got together to celebrate their victory in Copa America. I doubt if anyone was able to sleep, if they had wanted to. It was a much needed shot in the arm to bolster the dwindling if not non-existent moral of the majority of Colombians who see no hope for Colombia.